About the foundation

Engelvels Foundation MTÜ, a charitable foundation based on investment principles, was founded on 18 October 2018. The initial capital of the foundation was contributed by Tõnis Hinnosaar's various businesses.


The initial capital of the foundation is 3000 euros.

Engelvels Foundation MTÜ does charitable work through capital accumulation. The foundation disburses grants gained through capital accumulation. Foundation donates 60% of the capital accumulation from the investment activities yearly to supported areas and 40% will go back to the foundation as a compound interest.

Grants are disbursed minimally once a year.

The charitable foundation does not have administrative expenditures and all the financial means are directed towards capital accumulation. Administrative expenses are covered by the founders.

The principle of the foundation is based on two things:

1. Sustainability. We support charitable projects with the profits earned from investments. Charitable donations are not issued from the fixed capital. Said principle allows yearly growth of the total volume of the funds and annual grants. 

2. Growing reach. Thanks to the capital accumulation we can give out higher donations every year which means we can support an increasing number of people in need and therefore reach even bigger number of people.